Call me, maybe? Just don’t wait too long.

We are thrilled to get inquiries about hosting parties and events. Unfortunately, we rarely respond to requests that aren’t directed to our email ( or phone. So don’t be shy, baby! Here’s our number: 212.254.1675. You know the rest…

Speaking of parties, the holidays are not that far off and we are getting booked up for private events towards the end of the year. Sooner is better than never (as they say in France), so don’t hesitate to inquire about catering your corporate event in the back lounge (up to 60 people). And for even larger parties, why not take over the whole place and watch your co-workers run amok while feasting on tasty hors d’oeuvres and champagne. Happy New Year indeed!

7 days a week. Is this America or what?

By popular demand, we are now open on Sundays! Along with our standard fare, from 3-6pm we will be offering Vanilla/orange, Black currant, Elderflower or Maracuja mimosas for $5. Grilled gouda cheese on brioche for $4 (with bacon +$1). Check back for new menu items as this is a work in progress!

How sweet it is! And spicy.

A Valentine’s Day treat for that someone special. You! Nothing says mmmm…chocolate like a sampling of artisanal chocolates paired with a lovely glass of Sparkling Rosé Castellroig, $15. Each chocolate has a unique flavor. Guess them correctly and you just may win the raffle for a $50 gift certificate to our favorite wine bar. Now that would be sweet.


Mull on this in 2012!

Happy New Year friends! Hope you had a great holiday break and are refreshed for what may be the best year of your life. Now, about that arctic cold we’ve been hit with. Shiver me timbers, it just doesn’t seem right that only a few weeks ago we were practically in shorts again. To remedy this we have a nice hot mug of spiced mulled wine waiting for you. That plus a chocolat fondant will warm even the chilliest toes and fingers this side of Houston. Go ahead, you’re worth it.


Although Jadis literally means “back in the day”, we thought this would be a nice way to keep with the times and give our friends a shout when something’s afoot. Like what, you may ask? Occasionally Gerald gets in the mood to cook up something that makes our tummies smile. It may be a simple butternut squash lobster bisque or fiery chili, but these specials go quickly so it never hurts to stay up-to-date!

Why huddle with the masses for hours and hours in the bitter cold? Didn’t you make a promise never to subject yourself to that again? Do we have a NEW YEAR’S resolution for you! Our $45 prix fixe menu includes just about every morsel of deliciousness imaginable, accompanied by a flute of bubbly to get the party started right. Ring in the New Year surrounded by friends new and old. Silly hats and noisemakers for all! Check out the full menu in the Specials section. End the procrastination and reserve today.

On this day in 1802… Victor Hugo was born in Besançon, France. Okay, it was maybe not on this day, but coincidentally this is also where Gerald’s niece, Juliette, was born and where she lives with mom Betty and dad Cédric! We wish them Joyeux Noel and to all our families in France and Hungary! For the non-Francophiles, Victor Hugo was the author of such masterpieces as Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. If you have never read these classics don’t despair, you can still rent them on Netflix.